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    I’d like to restore TheSky to a previous build.  How can I do that?


    Restoring TheSky to a Previous Build

    Software Bisque does not maintain an archive of the daily build installers.  We recommended downloading and archiving each update.

    Windows Operating System

    Before a given daily build is installed, the previously-installed build is backed up to your computer. The instructions below describe the procedure to restore TheSky to an earlier version.

    1. Use Windows Explorer to open the Documents folder.
    2. Open the folder named Software Bisque\TheSkyX Professional Edition in the Documents folder. If you have specified a non-default location for this folder, open that location.
    3. The daily build installer creates a sub-folder named “Build XXXXX Backup”, where XXXXX is the previously-installed build number of TheSkyX (updates prior to build 10853 named this folder “Pre Build XXXXX Backup” where XXXXX was the updated build number). Open the folder containing the build number that you wish to restore.
    4. The files in this folder must be copied to and replace the existing files in TheSkyX’s installation folder. Use Windows Search to locate each of these files in TheSkyX’s installation folder, then copy and replace it with the file from the backup folder. TheSkyX’s default installation folder is C:\Program Files\Software Bisque\TheSkyX Professional Edition for Windows 32-bit editions, and C:\Program Files (x86)\Software Bisque\TheSkyX Professional Edition for Windows 64-bit editions.

    Use macOS Time Machine to restore the TheSky Professional Edition application bundle from an earlier date.

    TheSky is now restored to the desired build. If this procedure is too difficult, or if you wish to restore TheSky to the shipping release:

    1. Remove TheSky.
    2. Restore TheSky’s default settings.
    3. Re-install TheSky from the original full installer, then install the latest update.
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